About us

Since 1983 we assist you with all our expertise in vibration technology, because your satisfaction is our main priority.

The group of customers supplied by Webac Vibrator Gesellschaft für Vibrationstechnik mbH includes all industrial sectors where vibration technology with its versatile application spectrum is employed. In addition to the production and shipping of oscillation exciters, individual solutions are developed and offered.

The delivery of trough conveyors and vibrating tables as well as technical advice on the design of vibrating equipment are also part of our service programme.

The company Webac Vibrator Gesellschaft für Vibrationstechnik mbH has an associate company in the Czech Republic which manufactures external electric vibrators which not only meet the high Western-European technical standards in all facets, but also offer a very good cost/performance ratio for Webac’s customers.

Basing on our expertise, the activities of our company are focused on fulfilling our customers’ wishes in a flexible and fast way.