Mounting and Operating Instructions


The Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators of type VT produce rotary vibrations with different frequencies and oscillation width depending on the air pressure and mass. The vibrators allow to be operated indoors as well as outdoors. However, they are not suitable to be operated inside of liquids of any kind.

  • Admissible ambient temperature: from 0°C to maximum 70°C (in explosive areas maximum 40°C)
  • Admissible operating media: clean and oil-free compressed air or nitrogen
  • Admissible operating pressure: from minimum 2.0 bar ü (30 PSI) to maximum 6.0 bar ü (90 PSI)

CAUTION: The maximum operating pressure of 6 bar ü (90 PSI) must not be exceeded.

When employing the enclosed silencer in its perfect mounting condition, i.e. without any shaking or self-resonance of the construction, the vibrator generates a noise level of a maximum 60 to 75 dBA.


Prior to mounting, the vibrator has to be checked for any obvious visible damages resulting from transport and storing. The vibrator must be mounted fixedly and resistant to vibrations to the prepared fastening holes. The mounting surface must be levelled and clean. We recommend a welded-on U-shaped profile or a big-sized base plate with strongly rounded edges to be used as a support. When using the vibrator outdoors avoid rain water or any other liquids to flow into the vibrator via the exhaust air opening. If required, an exhaust pipe with has to be installed in downward direction.

For the fastening of the vibrator, use threaded bolts having a minimum tensile strength quality 8.8. The fastening torque should not exceed or fall below the following values: 

  • VT 7/9  M6  min. 6Nm - max. 10Nm
  • VT 13/16/17  M8  min.15 Nm - max. 21 Nm
  • VT 24/31  M10  min. 30 Nm - max. 42 Nm

Use appropriate screw retention rings like serrated lock washers, retainer rings, etc.. With longitudinal bores, use additional washers. Additionally, you may also employ screw-fastening adhesive of medium hardness (e.g. Loctite 270). With this, observe the instruction of the manufacture.

CAUTION: Missing bolts may lead to tearing-off and falling-down of the unit.

The used compressed air must be clean and oil-free. We recommend to pre-connect a 50 um air filter. The groove-type ball bearings have been lubricated for life and do not require any additional lubrication. The inlet and outlet bores are marked with arrows, with the inlet bore having a smaller opening than the outlet bore. Please make sure that all connections between the hose nozzle are mounted in accordance to the valid instructions. Observe the instructions of the hose manufacturers.

CAUTION: detaching pressure hoses or hose nozzles may cause injuries on the eyes, etc.

Mount the enclosed silencer to the outlet opening. Being operated without silencer, the vibrator causes an extreme noise load.

CAUTION: Any operation without silencer is not admitted. The outlet opening creates a very loud noise when blowing out compressed air, which may cause injuries on the ears and eyes. 


In order to be able to operate the vibrators with full performance,  make sure to use an air compressor having a sufficient air and filter capacity and capable of easily generating the required air quantities per minute as per the following list:

  • VT   7:   85 Ltr./min
  • VT   9: 105 Ltr./min
  • VT 13: 180 Ltr./min 
  • VT 16: 225 Ltr./min
  • VT 17: 235 Ltr./min
  • VT 24: 325 Ltr./min
  • VT 31: 350 Ltr./min

If the vibrator works very quickly on the constructive mass, it may be possible that the output vibration energy is too weak. In this case, the result of the vibration process is surely unsatisfactory and the wear of the unit is high. Here, we recommend to employ a bigger vibrator in order to gain better results and to conserve the unit.

CE Declaration of Conformity


ATEX classification:    Ex-Symbol_30   II  2G  c  T6

Operating conditions:
The Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators of the series VT are operative means of category 2 and allow to be employed in accordance to EN 1127-1, Annex B in Zone 1 and Zone 2 as well as with the gas groups II, which are endangered to cause explosions in the areas of the temperature classes T1 to T5.

The admissible ambient temperature in Ex zones (explosive zones) is from 0°C to +40°C.
Admissible operative media:  clean and oil-free compressed air or nitrogen up to a maximum of 6 bar and a maximum of 40°C.

Potential equalisation:
Make sure on mounting that the vibrator housing is electrically connected to the system of potential equalisation of the installation!

The above-mentioned operating conditions must be strictly observed. In the case the vibrator is employed in a way that its function may be of importance in view to technical safety, the function must be strictly monitored.


With this, we declare in the scope of our own responsibility that the devices indicated in the
following text are in full conformity with the regulations in the sense of Guideline 94/9/EG (ATEX).

Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators of the series VT
With the type denominations: VT 7 ; VT 9 ; VT 13 ; VT 16 ; VT 17 ; VT 24 ; VT 31

The technical documentation of the risk analysis is deposited at:
SEV Electrosuisse, Luppmenstrasse 1, CH-8320 Fehraltorf; code n° SEV 04 ATEX  0107

This declaration will lose its validity with constructional changes, with deviations from the operating parameters indicated by the Operating Instructions, or with any use of the devices which is not
in accordance with their original intended use.

Webac Vibrator GmbH
Albert-Latz-Str. 3
D-53879 Euskirchen

Herr Siegfried Anczikowski
Sales Management

Check the vibrator an hour after its first operation and one time per month to ensure that all bolts, hose nozzle and silencers are still perfectly fixed.

In the case the vibrator works too slow, take off the silencer. If then the vibrator works normal again, clean or replace the silencer. Proceed in the same way with regard to the air filter.

CAUTION: when operating the vibrator without the silencer, wear an ear protection device.

Potential faults leading to a reduced performance:

  • The capacity of the compressor is too small, i.e. its output of litres/minute is too small    (replace)
  • The cross-section of the compressed air supply hose is too small or the hose is too long   (replace or shorten)
  • The silencer is strongly polluted    (cleanse in paraffin oil or replace)
  • The groove-type ball bearings emit noise or do not run perfectly anymore    (replace)
  • Leaks in the piping    (check the compressed air supply by means of leak indication spray)
  • The air filter is strongly polluted    (cleanse in paraffin oil or replace)
  • Sharp bents and/or squeezing of the compressed air hose   (replace or shorten)

Damaged devices must not be operated. With clearly indicating noises, replace the ball bearings. Check the perfect functioning of the vibrator after 5.000 operating hours at the latest. After 8.000 operating hours, replace the bearings and any worn wear parts.

With repairs, only original spare parts of the manufacturer must be used! All parts allow to be recycled. Store the Operating Instructions for any later employment.